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It's all good in the grass.

Grad school pwned me today, and it pwned me good.




I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I adore barn owls

Here is a man who loves his job, and an owl who just doesn’t appreciate him. Not one little bit.

ohhh this bb wheremyfeetfall

Ohhhh the struggs of being a Type A personality sometimes…

Oh yeah, no problem body, I didn’t need that extra 1.5 hours of sleep anyway.

Also, and I’ll shut up about school after this post, I got my first graded thing back today, and I got a 130% on my first quiz. We took another quiz today, and there’s no way I got less than a 90% on that :)

I wonder if the sense of accomplishment athletes receive from finishing a long race, or placing well in a competition, is similar to the one I get from going into writing a paper with no idea what I’m gonna say, and finishing with what I consider to be a masterpiece. 

A two-page, single spaced memo addressing two questions, one of which I am faaaar less comfortable addressing than the other?

You can bet your sweet ass those questions aren’t getting an equal length response.

Wow Robert Sheehan has impeccable facial structure.


Female comics are my life

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